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Disruptive Diversity rewires the nervous system to create a permanent shift in how your team members view themselves and each other. Rajkumari applies this unique framework to help individuals locate the patterns creating bottlenecks in their personal and professional development. The result?

Greater team cohesion, stronger leadership and better business outcomes.

"The result is tremendous professional and personal growth – in other words, radical self-worth.

Radical, in that, the result is at the root level and permanent."

Stacy Parson, Partner

The Dignitas Agency

The framework draws from 6 core methodologies:

Interpersonal Neurobiology

Connects the Pre-Frontal Cortex to the amygdala to create a default network that encompasses the relationship to self.

Systems Theory

Brings forth the goal of discovering patterns and elucidating behaviors to enhance the skill of self-regulation.


Delves into the systemic core beliefs embedded in every individual.

Quantum Mechanics

Weaves in the concepts of

non-locality and entanglement.

Attachment Theory

Examines how one is currently wired to cultivate and maintain relationships.

Non-Violent Communication

Rewires right hemisphere by incorporating specific language structure.

Disruptive Diversity

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