Joanna McFarland

CEO of HopSkipDrive.

"We brought Rajkumari in to accelerate the process of gaining comfort and trust with each other, the kind that can take years to build but leads to high-performing teams. Communication and collaboration has improved, the whole company feels the effects of our work together and we're now performing with intensity but also with a better awareness of the empathy that is such a key part of our values."

Doug Aley

Former CEO of Shuddle.

“Rajkumari was immensely helpful in guiding dysfunction out of the organization. She became a crucial sounding board to me and the entire senior management team, a friend, and an incredible coach. She approaches each person with the same process, but recognizes the uniqueness of each personality and molds the program to the individual. I left the process personally and professionally more positive, confident, and energized. "

Minal Mehta


Head of Global Health Applications, Google


"Rajkumari is amazing at going into any situation and truly seeing what works and doesn't, and shifting the things that don't serve a person or team while super-charging the things that do. We hosted Rajkumari for a workshop at Google for my team, and it has set us up for open conversations and true collaboration from Day 1 - not just with others on the team, but also with internal and external partners and stakeholders."

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