JANUARY 2, 2020
11am PT / 2pm ET

This AMA or Ask Me Anything is an online event, open to the public, where Rajkumari Neogy will answer questions from attendees.



Please review the READ ME below carefully and entirely.



1.    This AMA is designed to answer any questions surrounding the following topics: epigenetics at work, neurobiology, team dysfunction, trauma and relationship dynamics.

2.    All AMAs are recorded via zoom and will be posted publicly on iRestart’s YouTube channel.

3.    By submitting this form, you agree to a video release and hereby give full permission to record each AMA session and upload the video to iRestart’s YouTube channel. You relinquish all rights to this video.

4.    You must include a question in order to participate in all AMAs hosted by Rajkumari Neogy.

5.    All participants will be muted throughout the entire session.

6.    All questions must be either submitted prior to the AMA session via this form, or may be submitted during the AMA session via the chat window. Depending on the number of questions submitted prior to the session, there might not be sufficient time to answer the questions submitted during the session via the chat window.



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